Alpha Gamma Delta

Gamma Phi Chapter at Georgia Institute of Technology

Welcoming Our New Members

Getting to share our friendship, values, and home with a group of phenomenal new members for the first time is one of the greatest privileges that we, as a chapter, get to experience each year. The excitement begins with a celebration at bid day and continues on through the feast of roses where parents are invited to a brunch honoring the initiation of their daughter into the women's fraternity that we have come to know as family. 



The Great Eight: Eight Things to Know About Being a New Member 

1. Alpha: Alpha is the nickname we use for new members and for the most recently initiated women in our chapter.

2. Alpha Coordinator: The Alpha Coordinator is in charge of all the programs that Alphas participate in during the fall semester. This year our Alpha Coordinator is Jessica Gerber (pictured above).


3. Bid Day: Bid Day takes place the day that Potential New Members find out they've received a Bid from Alpha Gamma Delta and is an afternoon of fun dedicated solely to celebrating the arrival of new Alphas to our house! Alphas will have their first meal at the house, get their first sets of Alpha Gamma Delta letters to wear, and will have their first chance to bust a move on our porches with new friends. Any sister will tell you that Bid Day is one of the most fun events of the year for both new members and old! 

4. Alpha Retreat: The Alpha Retreat usually takes place the weekend following Bid Day and is the first chance new members will have to get to know each other. The retreat takes place at the end of a really stressful week, so we focus on making it a laid back environment where Alphas can unwind with yummy desserts, meaningful conversations, and a movie night at the house. 

5. New Member Program: During a sister's new member period she will learn the values and history upon which our organization was founded. All New Member Programming is designed to be a reflection of what it's like to be an initiated member, so Alphas will attend weekly meetings with the Alpha Coordinator and complete activities that promote personal growth. Some options for these activities have included attending office hours or tutoring sessions, serving the community with sisters, or participating in intramural teams.


6. Big & Little Week: Big & Little Reveal usually takes place in October and, in the months leading up to Reveal, the Alpha Coordinator will help facilitate hang-outs where Alphas can meet older members and potential Bigs. During Big/Little week each new member will receive personalized gifts and notes from their Big everyday. On Thursday Bigs are revealed and family lines celebrate with food and traditions and pictures and sometimes a reunion with sisters from ancient family line history! 

7. Semi-Formal: Semi-Formal is the most highly anticipated event of the fall featuring a cool venue, dancing, and the official presentation of the Alphas! 

8. Feast of Roses: The Feast of Roses is a brunch hosted to honor the Alphas very soon after their official initiation into Alpha Gamma Delta. Parents and Bigs are invited to attend.